Nero is a couple of fairly new dubstep producers that have come to the dark side via the drum and base arena (not to be confused with that actual organization) that have been making some of the absolute best dubstep remixes.  none of that skrillex-esque bullshit pathetic excuse for music.  These tracks and some other Nero surely got everyone’s drugged up body moving over at 10th and College I the party I DJ’d under the name PANTOKRATOR last night.  First is a remix of The Streets (an artist of a caliber I wish we had more of in the world), second is a remix of Daft Punk & N.E.R.D.  Personally I can’t get “In the Middle” out of my head.

The Streets- In the Middle (Nero Remix)

Daft Punk and N.E.R.D.- Hypnotize You (Nero Remix)

Twin Shadow

Next is a lovely alternative song that was shown to me by none other than My Lovely.  Very cool 80’s-ish sound to this track.  TOP DRAWER to be sure.  Keep an eye on Twin Shadow in the months to come.

Twin Shadow- Castles In The Snow


Finally today, congratulations to Littleton musician Mesita on some of his music being picked to be played on the US version of Skins, the new series on MTV.  Congratulations also to MTV on doing what they do best: making worthless television devoid of substance.  Seriously, thanks for fucking up Skins that bad (for those who don’t know Skins was orginally an English TV series.  Check it out on Netflix [Fuck you, Comcast]).

Also, thanks very much to evil M.D. for playing a killer set Friday night and thanks to the hosts of the party PANTOKRATOR played for allowing me to make their ears ring.  And for everyone that asked me last night to play “Teach Me How to Dougie,” I heard you.


Heaven, Demons, Angels, and Hell

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We cut open your hearts and insert our industrial strength pace-makers.

New mix to hype the upcoming Angels and Demons party this Friday! Check it.

Heaven+Hell – EVIL m.d.

Uno Mas

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for those in need of low frequency

Bass Therapy Mix – EVIL m.d.


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this guy may be an m.d., but he sure isn't EVIL enough

new mix for the new year, it’s called trauma.  check it.

Trauma Mix – EVIL m.d.

leave a comment if you want the tracklist

Five Deez

It’s always disappointing for me when I find out that people don’t know about Five Deez… or at least other people they collaborated with.  Among these collaborators was Nujabes, and I’ve posted plenty of his music on here so if you liked that give this a serious listen.  Five Deez is made up of Fat Jon (who has appeared on the blog before), Pase Rock (also no stranger to the blog), Kyle David, and Sonic.  I picked up a 12″ of their album Kommunicator the other day and it really reminded me how amazing their music is, and I decided I ought to share it with you.

Siempre me pone deprimido cuando oigo que una persona no conoce Five Deez… o, por lo menos, personas con quienes han trabajado.  Una de estas persona es Nujabes, y si te gusta su musica debes dar Five Deez un eschuco bueno.  Five Deez es una mezcla de Fat Jon, Pase Rock, Kyle David, y Sonic.  Compre un 12″ de su album Kommunicator el otro dia y otra vez me mostro que buenisima su musica es, y asi decidi que debo compartirla.

Five Deez- BMW

Five Deez- Let The People Know

Finally, while we’ve all heard at least part of Kanye West’s new album, have you seen how fucking insane his movie is?  This is on par to rival Jeffrey in terms of insanity.

Finalmente, todos nosotros hemos oido por lo menos un pedazo del album nuevo de Kanye West, pero has visto que loco su pelicula es?  Es casi tan loca que Jeffrey.


Mesita’s a new favorite of mine out of Littleton.  I got a hold of his track “Somewhere Else” and really like it so I looked him and and download the rest of his stuff over at  Definitely some new music worth checking out.  That said, I’ll provide you with his tracks “Somewhere Else” and “The San Luis Valley,” two very different sounding but equally worth listening to songs.

Mesita es un favorito nuevo mio de Littleton.  Recibe su cancion “Somewhere Else” y me gusta mucho entonces encontre todo sus canciones @  Por seguro es musica que debes esuchar.  Aquel dicho, voy a providirte con sus canciones “Somewhere Else” y “The San Luis Valley,” 2 canciones muy differentes pero de valor igual.

Mesita- Somewhere Else

Mesita- The San Luis Valley

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing is another band I’ve found out about recently through this very lovely girl I know.  They’ll be playing at the Hi-Dive with Abe Vigoda on February 24.  There.  I’ve told you about two months in advance so you’ve got no reason to miss it whatsoever.  So check out Wild Nothing some more at their myspace or their if you like this track.

Wild Nothing en una banda otra que he encontre con la ayuda de mi novia.  Tocaran en Hi-Dive con Abe Vigodo el 24 de Enero.  Alli.  He te dicho 2 meses antes, asi no tienes razon de perder el concierto.  Entonces,  escuchate Wild Nothing en las locaciones arriba.

Wild Nothing- Take Me In

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow is without a doubt one of the best hip-hop producers ever.  His first album was made entirely with samples, and to be honest that’s the kind of thing I aspire to do.  These tracks reveal the full depth of this guy’s genius, and what’s more is that they’re so good that I’ve had them on repeat for weeks.

DJ Shadow- Midnight In A Perfect World

DJ Shadow- Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Alternate Take Without Overdubs)

J Dilla

J Dilla is also widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time.  He truly is the empitome of a producer that makes beats that are songs in and of themselves.  His album “Donuts” was largely made as he was dying from cancer, so you’ve got to respect the greatness of the album even more.  Here are two of my favorite beats off the album for you listening pleasure.

J Dilla- Don’t Cry

J Dilla- Last Donut Of The Night